Python visual IDE

hg hg at
Wed Nov 22 15:58:50 CET 2006

king kikapu wrote:
> I have already downloaded and seen the trial of Komodo Professional.
> Indeed it has a simple Gui Builder but one can only use TKinter on it.
> No wxWidgets support and far from truly RAD, but it is the only
> "integrated"
> GUI builder in these IDEs...
> On Nov 22, 4:31 pm, "Steve" <s... at> wrote:
>> I haven't used it but Komodo (Professional version) says it has:
>> ActiveState GUI Builder (Komodo Professional only)
>> Enhance your applications with GUI dialogs: Simple, Tk-based dialog
>> builder with seamless round-trip integration, for Perl, Python, Ruby,
>> and Tcl.

I do a lot of GUI programming with wxPython.

I find that switching from desktop 1 (Eclipse/PyDev) to desktop 2
(wxDesigner) becomes a reflex quite quickly ... even under Windows
thanks to virtuawin ( - both packages
also are smart enough to notice when an open file has been modified

I also program in Visual-Studio and overall do not find the RAD/IDE
integration that much more convenient.

Also, I generally get the job done in wxDesigner at the beginning of the
project, and seldom have to get back into it to twick the interface.


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