ANN: PyQt v4.1 Released

David Boddie david at
Mon Nov 6 17:39:06 CET 2006

Tool69 wrote:

> I followed the docs to build qscintilla2, all is going well with no
> errors, but when I launched the PyQt Syntax Highlighter Example,
> nothing is highlighted but the first line of text, whereas the C++
> sample works well in the demo.

Do you mean the example from the PyQt4 distribution? That uses a port
of an old syntax highlighting example from Qt 4.0. Someone needs to
"port" the C++ example from Qt 4.2 to PyQt4.

The example itself doesn't actually use QScintilla2 - there used to
be a demo from Qt that was converted to use QScintilla. Maybe that's
been ported to PyQt as well.


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