Remarkable results with psyco and sieve of Eratosthenes

Steve Bergman steve at
Thu Nov 30 00:35:39 CET 2006

Will McGugan wrote:

> Some trivial optimizations. Give this a whirl.

I retimed and got 9.7 average for 3 runs on my version.

Yours got it down to 9.2.

5% improvement. Not bad.

(Inserting '2' at the beginning doesn't seem to impact performance
much.;-) )

BTW, strictly speaking, shouldn't I be adding something to the floating
point sqrt result, before converting to int, to allow for rounding
error?  If it is supposed to be 367 but comes in at 366.99999999, don't
I potentially classify a composite as a prime?

How much needs to be added?

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