Python v PHP: fair comparison?

John Bokma john at
Thu Nov 16 21:04:22 CET 2006

"Demel, Jeff" <Jeff.Demel at> wrote:

> What kind of hosting does one get for $10 a *year*?  And I'm not just
> talking Python here, but any hosting at all.

I pay $12/year (see other posts, I am not going to name them again) for 
hosting a phpBB board and wiki, with 100+ members and currently close to 
20,000 posts. Minor issues were fixed within about one hour after emailing 
the hosting provider. When I had problems with data storage (my fault, I 
used too much) my 100 MB was extended to 500 MB without additional costs. 

Haven't seen major issues the one year and half the board is up, 
everything goes smooth. No idea how a heavy traffic site would go with 
them though, my personal page with 14k visitors is hosted somewhere else, 
and I pay much more (maybe even too much atm., I am probably going to move 
to VPS anyway).

But for a message board for friends, paying less then 20 USD/year, is fine 
with me. One friend has her own board & blog with them, and since hosting 
comes with cpanel, she didn't need much of my help :-).

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