numpy help

Chris Smith mc_anjo at
Sat Nov 4 01:04:05 CET 2006

robert wrote:
> Chris Smith wrote:
>>I'm a college student and for one of we are writing programs to
>>numerically compute the parameters of antenna arrays. I decided to use
>>Python to code up my programs. Up to now I haven't had a problem,
>>however we have a problem set where we are creating a large matrix and
>>finding it's inverse to solve the problem. To invert the matrix I've
>>tried using numpy.numarray.linear_algebra.inverse and
>>numpy.oldnumeric.linear_algebra.inverse which both give me the same
>>error ( I was hoping they called different routines but I think they
>>call the same one ).
> try scipy.linalg.inv etc. 
> (you are using outdated old NumPy modules with recent array type which sometimes creates type conflicts. 
> robert

I tried that one also, and it didn't work.


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