How good is CORBA?

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Fri Nov 24 22:30:46 CET 2006

>>>>> "Chris Mellon" <arkanes at> (CM) wrote:

>CM> FYI: Ice is available under the GPL, so if by "pay" you mean "pay
>CM> money" that's not your only option. You can also get a commercial
>CM> license, similiar to Qt.

>CM> I like Ice a lot, it's got hardly any of the ramp up time and learning
>CM> curve that CORBA does, and it's extremely efficent. If GPL or cash are
>CM> acceptable licensing options to you, then I encourage you to use it
>CM> before you head to CORBA.

OmniORB's author did some benchmarking and it appeared that omniORB was
faster than Ice.
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