Cactching Stdout

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py at
Wed Nov 8 20:15:41 CET 2006

At Wednesday 8/11/2006 06:09, Massi wrote:

>Hi everyone! I'm writing a python script which uses a C-written dll. I
>call the functions in the dll using ctypes, but I don't know how to
>catch the output of the "printf" which the C functions use. In fact I
>don't even know if it is possible! I've heard something about PIPE and
> this what I need? How can I use them? It is very important
>for me that I could take the output in real-time.

Since you are calling a function the same process, popen&co won't help.
This is just an idea; printf is writting to STDOUT; you could replace 
STDOUT with the write end of a pipe, and read from the other end.

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