CSV module, DictReader problem (bug?)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Nov 1 21:47:18 CET 2006

Jeff Blaine wrote:

> It's been a year or so since I written Python code, so maybe
> I am just doing something really dumb, but...
> Documentation
> =============
> 	class DictReader(csvfile[,fieldnames=None,
>               [,restkey=None[, restval=None[, dialect='excel'
>               [, *args, **kwds]]]]])
> 	Create an object which operates like a regular reader
> 	but maps the information read into a dict whose keys
> 	are given by the optional fieldnames parameter. If the
> 	fieldnames parameter is omitted, the values in the
> 	first row of the csvfile will be used as the fieldnames.
> Code
> ====
> 	import csv
> 	r = csv.DictReader('C:\Temp\Book1.csv')
> 	print r.next()
> 	# EOF

here's the documentation for the regular reader, from Python 2.5:

         csv_reader = reader(iterable [, dialect='excel']
                                 [optional keyword args])
             for row in csv_reader:

         The "iterable" argument can be any object that returns a line
         of input for each iteration, such as a file object or a list.

so the reader is simply looping over the characters in your filename.  try

     r = csv.DictReader(open('C:\Temp\Book1.csv'))



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