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Fri Nov 24 18:26:59 CET 2006

Steve Thompson wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Nov 2006 07:09:36 -0800, BartlebyScrivener wrote:
>> Steve Thompson wrote:
>>> I was wondering the differnced there were betwee Active State's python and
>>> the open source version of python.
>> The biggest difference at the moment is that ActiveState is still using
>> Python 2.4.3 in their distribution. They should be coming out with 2.5
>> soon.
>> Sounds like you are running Suse?  So you already have some version of
>> Python, right? You can search this group at comp.lang.python on Google
>> Groups--try "python versions linux"--or something like that--but the
>> issue you need to watch out for is running two different versions on
>> Linux.
>> Long and short, you don't want to uninstall the version of Python that
>> came with your Suse, because other programs on your machine probably
>> use that particular version. It's easy to install an ADDITIONAL
>> distribution of Python and run it separately, but again. Search the
>> list
>> for how to do that, and how to run them separately once you do.
>> I'm just moving to Linux myself, so can't provide the expertise. Unless
>> there is some killer feature of 2.5 you need, I would just use the
>> Python that came with your Suse.
>> rd
> Thanks BartlebyScrivener, but are there any other IDE's that are better,
> in your opinion, than Eric version 3. I'm using gnome and eric is built
> for KDE. I don't care it there open source or Id I have tp puchase one.
> Thanks again,
> Steve
I like Eclipse/Pydev better


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