Converting Microsoft Works databases.... *shudder*

Michael B. Trausch mike$#at^&nospam!%trauschus
Sat Nov 4 03:19:27 CET 2006

GISDude wrote:
> Mike,
> I totally forgot that MS Works was out there. Haven't used that one in
> about 6 or 7 years. Honestly, your best bet is to convert to .csv or
> some delimited .txt file. Once that is done, all your rows/columns will
> be "nice and neat" .
> Once that is done, (and since your client doesn't have ACCESS, try
> MYSQL or POSTGRESQL(they are open source). They can handle A LOT OF
> DATA, so however big your orginal DB is, you can import it to one of
> these more than capable OS freebie Databases.
> Good luck

Yeah; the only thing is that I am going to have to write a solution to
give them "easy" access to their data.  Sometimes, they just want to
look up a row of data, but they don't want to put their data in a
database server -- they want it on their machine so that it is "private"
(FSVO private--it's a Windows box).

	-- Mike

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