Finding skilled pythonistas for micro-jobs?

darran darran at
Sun Nov 19 01:13:30 CET 2006

I'm a partner in a design and technology studio that creates
large-scale interactive exhibits for museums.  We are agile - by
choice.   For big 6-12 month projects, we try and secure exceptional
python talent on contract.  The python job board addresses this need.

Every few weeks though I run up against a bite-sized programming
problem begging to be farmed out by our small company.  The tasks
themselves span the gamut from data wrangling (format conversions) to
SWIG wrappers to Twisted to pyOpenGL.  Often the task is 1 or 2 days of
work.  Not really big enough to warrant a job search, a contract, or
even someone's full-time attention.  The type of problem that is
perfectly suited to a CS student or daytime programmer looking to make
some extra money.  Presently, when one of these jobs pops up, I just
add 8-16 hours to my work week - much to the dismay of my 3-year old
daughter who'd rather I pay someone and go to the park.  The nice thing
though about our bite-sized jobs is that the goals are perfectly clear
because we are religious in our use of unit testing and test-driven

Any suggestions then for locating skilled Python/C++ programmers for
these small (micro) jobs?  


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