Will subprocess eventually deprecate popen2 ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Thu Nov 16 16:55:37 CET 2006

Daniel Klein wrote:

>I have a few Python programs that use popen2, and they work quite
> nicely and dependably, so I don't really have any reason to change
> them to use the new subprocess module...unless of course there any
> future plans to deprecate popen2.

definitely not in the 2.X series.  as for 3.X, nobody knows -- but chances
are that even if the low-level support for popen2 disapperas, Python will
ship with a popen2 implementation that delegates to subprocess.

or you can write such an adapter yourself, the day you'll find that you want
to upgrade to a fancy new Python version that doesn't have it.  it'll take you
30 seconds:



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