SPE editor slow?

SPE - Stani's Python Editor spe.stani.be at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 16:43:54 CET 2006

timmy schreef:

> hello i've been using the SPE editor on a moderately large project and
> it's constantly pausing during editing, like it's attempting to check
> something as i edit.
> as you can imagine a 4 second pause every few characters is EXTREMELY
> annoying when you just want to get some work done. i really like SPE's
> layout and features but if it's going to be dogshit slow all the time
> i'll have to change. please help!

SPE does error syntax checking which works fine for normal sized python
files. With these settings you can speed up SPE for larger projects:
1. Edit>Preferences>Editor: Check realtime with "none" (default value:
2. Edit>Preferences>Editor: Update sidebar "when clicked"

You can first try step 1, if you want SPE faster, use step 2 as well.


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