report progress from C function

John Machin sjmachin at
Wed Nov 1 00:11:53 CET 2006

Michael S wrote:
> Good day all.
> I rewrote part of my program in C, it's a usually a
> long task. I wanted to be able to report the progress
> back to my python program. In  my module (in addition
> to the function that performs the above-mentioned
> task) there is a function that returns the variable,
> indicating the progress. However I am not sure how to
> call it. Once I call the C function that does the work
> (it's a while loop that takes minutes sometimes) I
> can't call that progress function.
> Any ideas?

What do you expect your "python program" to be doing between calls to
the get_progress function?

Here's a sketch of one possible way of doing something useful: add the
following 2 args to your C "does the work function":
(1) Python function object to be called every n times around the while
loop or every nth other event or every n milliseconds or whatever
(2) n

BTW, why did you rewrite in C rarher than using Pyrex?


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