is mod_python borked?

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Nov 3 03:36:08 CET 2006

grahamd at wrote:
> walterbyrd wrote:
>>I am considering python, instead of php, for web-application
>>development. I often see mod_python.criticisized as being borked,
>>broken, or just plain sucking.
>>Any truth to any of that?
> I replied to you over on the mod_python mailing list when you reposted
> the question there, but I'll copy to here my response for the benefit
> of others.
> In answer to your question of whether mod_python is borked, the answer
> is yes and no.
Nice summary. To be fair to Walter, it was me who reposted his question. 
But I think it's great that the whole of is now up to speed on 
mod_python, so thanks!

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