setting up wxPython on a Mac

Russell E. Owen rowen at
Fri Nov 3 20:52:52 CET 2006

In article <454B8837.9060103 at>,
 Kevin Walzer <kw at> wrote:

>Brian Blais wrote:
>I'm not sure about numpy/scipy/matplotlib. I don't think there are
>pre-built packages for them; you may have to build them from source. You
>could also post to the MacPython mailing list, someone there has
>probably looked at this already.

There are prebuilt extension for these for Python 2.4.x available from 
<>. Packages for 2.5 will show up 
eventually, but meanwhile if you want prebuilt then use python 2.4.4.

For python itself, I recommend using the Mac installer available from 
the standard python web site (rather than the package available from 

-- Russell

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