setting up wxPython on a Mac

Kevin Walzer kw at
Fri Nov 3 19:19:35 CET 2006

Brian Blais wrote:
> Kevin Walzer wrote:
>> Brian Blais wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have a wxPython program that I would like to give to a friend of mine
>>> who has a Mac.  Is there a resource out there that can tell me what
>>> steps I need to follow to do this?
>> Install Python from the Python website--a Python 2.5 installer is
>> available for the Mac.
>> Install wxPython from the wxPython website--an installer for the latest
>> version of wxPython for the Mac is also available.
>> That should do it.
> sounds easy.  If I need the numpy/scipy/matplotlib combo, is it that
> straightforward?  On windows it is, on Linux is definitely is not.
> thanks,
>         bb
I'm not sure about numpy/scipy/matplotlib. I don't think there are
pre-built packages for them; you may have to build them from source. You
could also post to the MacPython mailing list, someone there has
probably looked at this already.

Kevin Walzer
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