Software Compatable with other versions?

Georg Brandl g.brandl-nospam at
Tue Nov 21 17:09:09 CET 2006

Michael Yanowitz schrieb:
> Hello:
>   I am still using Python 2.4.3, I haven't upgraded yet.
> However, I would like to know if my 2.4.3 programs will run
> in 2.5 without modification.
>   Is there any way to test that my software is compatable
> with 2.5 (or any other version), without actually installing
> that version?:
>   I have been told that the .pyc are not compatable. Is it
> possible, to convert a 2.4.x .pyc to a 2.5 .pyc?

No. Why should there if there's such an easy way to build it
from scratch?


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