how do i map this?

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Mon Nov 13 05:11:31 CET 2006

"ronrsr" <ronrsr at> writes:

> #row is a dictionary with keys: zid, keywords, citation, quotation
> def print_row(row):
>    print """<tr>
>       <td class="pad">%(keywords)s
>       </td>
>       <td class="pad">%(quotation)s
>       </td>
>       <td class="pad">%(citation)s
>       </td>
>       <td class="pad" align="center"><form action=""
> name="updateform" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
> method="GET"><input type="hidden" name="zid" value="%(zid)d"><input
> type="submit" value="Edit"></form>
>       </td>
>       </tr>
>       """

You're printing a string, and never using that 'row' parameter.

Perhaps this will help illustrate:

    >>> print "spam %(foo)s eggs"
    spam %(foo)s eggs
    >>> print "spam %(foo)s eggs" % {'foo': "Wortle"}
    spam Wortle eggs

The 'print' statement doesn't care about the format specifiers; it
just wants a string expression. It's the formatting operator, '%',
that looks for them.


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