SE 2.3 temporarily unavailable. Cheese shop defeats upload with erratic behavior. Urgently requesting help.

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Nov 3 14:21:00 CET 2006

Frederic Rentsch wrote:
> jim-on-linux wrote:
>>I've been trying to get back into my package in 
>>the Cheese Shop for over a year. The phone 
>>company changed my e:mail address and to make a 
>>long and frustrating story short I can't get back 
>>into the Cheese Shop to make changes to my file.
>>Time is money.  At some time you have to consider 
>>if it is worth it.  At least you have the name of 
>>your program listed.
>>I wish I could be more helpfull. I'll watch the 
>>responses you get from others.
>>Good Luck,
>>On Thursday 02 November 2006 09:00, you wrote:
>>>Some time ago I had managed to upload a small
>>>package to the Cheese Shop using the data entry
>>>template. Uploading is in two steps: first the
>>>text then the package file. When I had a new
>>>version it went like this: The new text made a
>>>new page, but the new file went to the old
> Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone. Do you know of an 
> alternative to the Cheese Shop?
Surely the correct answer to this problem is to get the Cheese Shop 
fixed, not to migrate away from it? To whom (besides this list) have you 
communicated the problem, and with what results?

Remember that is run by volunteers, but they are mostly 
highly capable volunteers. This is probably just a change situation that 
wasn't anticipated in the design (we all make mistakes).

A simple change of email address could probably be achieved by tweaking 
the data for one or two individuals, and an automated solution should 
clearly be added as volumes build up.

For now, how about a link that causes someone to receive email? I'd be 
surprised if this couldn't be used to handle low-volume changes with 
adequate security.

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