lxml/ElementTree and .tail

Chas Emerick cemerick at snowtide.com
Sun Nov 19 16:08:38 CET 2006

On Nov 19, 2006, at 9:55 AM, Fredrik Lundh wrote:

>> And oh by the way, this thread is all about *your* customer's
>> complaining.
> from what I can tell, it was *your* customer posting FUD about a
> different library, not my customer asking for help with a specific
> problem.  this is free software; people who use a piece of software
> count a *lot* more than people who don't want to use it.

Holy hell Fredrik -- I hadn't even *downloaded* 4suite before I  
posted my original question.  I've tried to be nice, tried to be  
complimentary, and tried to be diplomatic, so it would be nice if  
*everyone* would stop casting aspersions or otherwise speculating  
about my intentions.  Flame amongst yourselves, but leave me out of it.

- Chas

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