How to choose the right GUI toolkit ?

Jussi Salmela tiedon_jano at
Sat Nov 11 23:50:34 CET 2006

John Henry wrote:
> BTW: I did a search and found the testnotebook example from:
> and tried it out.  There is one error in the that I have to
> get around.  Changed from:
>         canvas.setFillColor('gray')
> to:
>         try:
>             canvas.setFillColor('gray')
>         except:
>             pass
> and then ran it.   Works!
> So, yes, you can do Notebook in Python.  I believe what they are saying
> is that Notebook isn't supported fully (yet) in the resourceeditor.

It's true that the notebook and grid components of wxPython are not 
completely integrated into PythonCard but they can still be used quite 
easily once you figure out how.

The process of figuring out can be made easier by a working example. The 
real life application Blood Pressure Monitor

can be used as an example of using the notebook, grid and htmlwin 
widgets in PythonCard.

I use this application to input the pressure values I've registered with 
my own meter and to produce a PDF page with PyChart to hand to my doctor 
to inspect when I visit him twice a year.


Jussi Salmela

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