Python v PHP: fair comparison?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Nov 15 05:48:35 CET 2006

On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 18:55 -0800, Luis M. González wrote:
> > - Python is more readable, and more general purpose
> Yes, php is only for web.

Absolutely false.  Most of my standalone, command-line scripts for
manipulating my unix users in LDAP are written in PHP, although we're
rewriting them in python.

Although I can't think of a single app written in php that's not web-
based (other than standalone scripts I have written), there are up-to-
date php bindings for GTK:


> On the other hand, Python is a general purpose language and it can be
> used for nearly anything you may want to do.
> > - PHP has awful backward compatibility
> Yes. And it's also an ugly language to work with.
> > - PHP has a lower barrier to entry
> I don't think it is any easier than python. Not even to begin with.
> > - Most inexpensive web-hosters support PHP, but not Python
> Sad but true.
> > - PHP has far more pre-writen scripts available
> For web projects, perhaps.
> But I'm sure you can do everything better with python, especially with
> the new crop of web frameworks (Django, Turbo Gears, etc...).
> > - Newer versions of mod_python require Apache 2.0, which few hosters
> > have
> You can also get alder versions of mod_python. What's the problem?
> > - There is more demand for PHP developers, than Python developers
> So you want to be a web developer?
> Then look no further. Learn python and go kick php developers asses in
> the market place.
> There are thousands of php developers out there. Do you want to be just
> one more?
> I'd rather learn something newer, and much more powerful.
> And once you get a job, you will do everything better and faster than
> the others, your quality will stand up from the rest and so your
> reputation.
> Then there will be more demand for "your skills".

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