can't get cgi values

ronrsr ronrsr at
Mon Nov 27 20:48:09 CET 2006

Thank you, all.  that was very helpful, and did solve many of my
problems.  I was addressing the dict with () rather than [].

I'm still having one problem, though -- extracting the keywords. NOw,
if you check the value for Form below, you'll see there is more than
one keyword entry.  When I do:  keywords = form["keywords"] - what sort
of data structure do I get back?

th anks          so much again.


    if form.has_key("keywords"):
         keywords = str(form["keywords"].value)
          keywords = "k"
     fileHandle.write("here comes keywords:")

     fileHandle.write("keyword info");

> here's the info I know:
> form = FieldStorage(None, None, [MiniFieldStorage('zid', '17'),
> MiniFieldStorage('keywords', 'aAUA'), MiniFieldStorage('keywords',
> 'aBOS'), MiniFieldStorage('citation', '<i>The Earth Times Monthly</i>,
> April 2002\\r\\n       \\r\\n       \r\n       '),
> MiniFieldStorage('quotation', 'Farm support goes mainly to a relatively
> small number of agri-businesses, many of them large corps. Yet these
> subsidies are 6 times what rich countries provide in foreign aid to a
> developing world that includes 5 billion people.\\r\\n       \r\n
> '), MiniFieldStorage('updatebutton', 'Update')])
> form.has_key("citation") = True

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