RAW network programming under Windows

billie gnewsg at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 19:17:10 CET 2006

sturlamolden wrote:

> You can try to install "Windows Services for Unix 3.5" (aka SFU 3.5).
> It transforms your Windows into a certified UNIX (not just a Unix
> clone). SFU 3.5 has a full BSD socket API (derived from OpenBSD), not
> just Winsock. As the POSIX subsystem in SFU 3.5 is not layered on top
> of the Win32 subsystem, but talks directly to the NT kernel,
> restrictions in Winsock should not affect the BSD sockets in SFU 3.5.
> This behaviour is different from e.g. Cygwin, where the "Unix APIs" are
> layered on top of the Win32 subsystem.

It isn't exactly what I'm searching for but thanks anyway.

> In any case, I hope you are aware that spoofing IP packets gives you
> bad karma.

No problem about it. I'm just a lover of low-level network programming.

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