how is python not the same as java?

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Fri Nov 10 12:48:51 CET 2006

gavino wrote:
> both are interpreted oo langauges......

Thinks the first FAQs and tutorials about Python answer this question in detail.

Theoreticalls you'd start off thinking this: 
* Java is a stiff typing language (as old C/C++/Pascal... and even Perl are also ). 
* Python is a dynamic typing language - regarding almost all aspects. 
>From that each language can try to achieve some benefits of the other basic paradigm by becoming cramped.

* you will type a Python programs >5x faster than the equivalent in Java. 
* This is true, at least when we assume that test code has to be done for a good program anyway 
  (and/otherwise "pychecker" will neutralize most first-glance disadvantages of Python)
* Jave (typed code) ist executed faster. Yet Python is even faster when using little C, Pyrex, ...

That is probably what counts.


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