Exploiting Dual Core's with Py_NewInterpreter's separated GIL ?

robert no-spam at no-spam-no-spam.invalid
Wed Nov 8 17:25:26 CET 2006

robert wrote:
> Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Thanks for that info. That is interesting.
> Thus even on x86 currently this LOCK is not used  (just    
> (op)->ob_refcnt++) )
> Reading this I got pinched: In win32ui there are infact Py_INC/DECREF's 
> outside of the GIL !
> And I have a severe crash problem with threaded apps - the problem is 
> only only on dual cores !
> That pointer probably will end a long search...

In fact that it was in win32ui. Months I've search the bug strainedly, and this fancy discussion revealed it :-)

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