Integrating Python with Fortran

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Wed Nov 1 06:46:06 CET 2006

unexpected wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm currently working on a large, legacy Fortran application. I would
> like to start new development in Python (as it is mainly I/O related).
> In order to do so, however, the whole project needs to be able to
> compile in Fortran.
> I'm aware of resources like the F2Py Interface generator, but this only
> lets me access the Fortran modules I need in Python. I'm wondering if
> there's a way to generate the .o files from Python (maybe using
> py2exe?) and then link the .o file with the rest of the Fortran project
> using something like gcc.

There are no tools specifically for embedded Python in Fortran. However, there 
is Elmer, which helps to create a C API for a Python library (essentially the 
inverse of SWIG). One can then wrap that C API with a Fortran-compliant 
interface in the fairly standard ways.

Robert Kern

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