Programming Language that is Spreadsheet/Table Based

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Fri Nov 3 22:19:34 CET 2006

Omar wrote:
> I'm looking for a programming language or module that sorta looks and
> feels like MS Excel (I love and think in tables), yet has the power and
> open-endedness of python or javascript.  I'm still pretty new to
> python.
> any ideas?  i've been having some fun with VBA in excel, but I want
> something I can save as en exe and call my own creation, y'know?

I think you'll have to build it. For .NET there are lots of third party
grids available and a native one as well. You may want to look at the
grid supplied with wxPython.

Spreadsheets are effectively interfaces to functional programming, so
this request isn't as odd as it may seem to some.

You probably want to have a look at the PyCells project which can
handle the dependency tracking you will need: which is harder than you
might think.


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