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Sat Nov 25 01:47:53 CET 2006

>>   ....
>>   I thought I remembered that the data bases created either way
>>   were always 100% transparent with each other and that I could
>>   use an SQLite3 data base either from the command line or from
>>   within Python without any problems at all ....
> My guess is that 2 years ago you were using sqlite 2, not 3.

  I think that is probably a  very  good guess ....

>>  I did a fair amount of Google-izing looking for related problems
>>  but didn't have much success ....

> In that case your googler is absolutely rooted and should be 
> replaced immediately.

> With mine, google("file is encrypted or is not a database") 
> produces as first hit (would you believe!?)

  My Googl-er is probably OK, but the Google-ee ( e.g. me )
  is  always  in need of a tune-up .... :-)

> Q: SQLite::Exceptions::\DatabaseException file is encrypted 
> or is not a database.
> A: It seems that sqlite databases created with version 2
> do not work with sqlite version 3 and vice versa

  I did re-build the data bases from the command line
  using sqlite3 instead of using the older ones
  from a couple of years back which I wasn't sure
  were sqlite2 or sqlite3 ....

  It seems that the older Debian Sarge version
  of the python2.3-sqlite package is the one
  that isn't directly compatible with sqlite3 dbs
  created at the command line .... 

  I downloaded the PySQLite2 source package
  and compiled and installed it using distutils .... 

  Now everything is also working fine under Debian Sarge
  and the dbs are OK either from the command line or from
  within Python .... 

  Thanks a lot for taking the time to help ....

Stanley C. Kitching
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona

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