Software Compatible with other versions?

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>>>> I have been told that the .pyc are not compatable. Is it 
>>>> possible, to convert a 2.4.x .pyc to a 2.5 .pyc?
>> The magic code.
>> Just rm -rf *.pyc from your own scripts directories, they will
>> be rebuilt.
> Just take care in the event that you have files that were 
> distributed in bytecode format (.pyc) rather than source 
> form...if you don't have any such .pyc files, then Laurent's 
> solution is fast and easy.  If you do, you may have to protect 
> them before trying such a stunt.
> -tkc

  Yeah, that is my concern. We are mostly doing Windows and Linux.
Due to some "export restriction", we are not allowed to distribute 
the .py files, and so distribute .pyc file.
  We also distribute the installer for Python 2.4.3 but do not
require them to use it if they already have Python installed.
  Thus if we build with version 2.4.3, and distribute the .pyc files
for 2.4.3 there is no way to make these .pyc files work if they
use the latest 2.5 or some version before 2.4.x.

Thanks in advance:
Michael Yanowitz

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