Fredrik Lundh [was "Re: explicit self revisited"]

Doug aj108778 at
Sun Nov 12 08:14:32 CET 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Doug wrote:
>> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>>> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>>> > cannot all you clueless trolls who cannot think of a single useful thing
>>> > to contribute to Python start your own newsgroup?
>>> and before anyone complains; please note that they're working through
>> That site is a bunch of FUD -
>> The explicit self is there simply because OOP was tacked onto python as
>> an afterthought.
>> Why not just be honest about it.  It's too late to change Python's
>> syntax.  It just means a little extra typing.  If it really bothers
>> someone, use "s" instead of "self" or else use Ruby.
> the official FAQ is a bunch of FUD?  are you sure you know what FUD means?
> </F>

You idiot.  Putting the word "official" in front of something doesn't
mean it can't be FUD.  Especially when it is written by people such as
yourself.  Have you not paid attention to anything happening in
politics around the world during your lifetime?
And yes, actually, the dash after FUD was where I was going to link to
a definition of FUD to show I really meant to use that term.  It
doesn't appear that you believe anything that isn't on your own effbot
site, however.

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