Persistent Threads & Synchronisation

Matthew Tylee Atkinson matthew at
Sun Nov 26 19:26:05 CET 2006

On Sun, 26 Nov 2006 13:24:21 +0100, Marc 'BlackJack' Rintsch wrote:
> There seems to be a misunderstanding of threads.  You don't call functions
> in a thread from the main program.  If you call a function from the main
> thread then the function is executed in the main thread.  That's true for
> any call on `Thread` objects except for `start()` which really starts
> executing the `run()` method in a separate thread.

Aha, thanks very much for this!

> The easiest way for safe communication with threads is a `Queue` like
> the one in the `Queue` module.  If you want a download thread that
> is running alongside the main program all the time then write a while loop
> that gets "commands" via a queue.  Something like:

Brilliant!  I will try it out soon.

Thanks very much for your help; it has really explained a lot!

best regards,

Matthew Tylee Atkinson <matthew at>

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