adding python scripting to my application

John Henry john106henry at
Mon Nov 6 21:22:54 CET 2006

Take a look at:

Julian wrote:
> Hi, first of all, I have to say I am new to Python. I have been working
> with a finite element analysis program written in c++. now, I am trying
> to 'rebuild' this code (possibly a full re-write) with scripting
> capability. I did some reading on the web, and found that there are two
> ways to do this : extending and embedding. and I still haven't figured
> out what I should be using. I guess the first thing is to figure out
> what I am to do with the scripting capability - at the very least, I
> would like to run parametric analyses - run multiple analysis models by
> changing certain parameters using for loops.
> i found that the commercial fea package - abaqus uses python as well -
> I don't know whether they embedded or extended ? is there any way to
> find out?
> another fea application called OOF2
> ( says "OOF2 is completely
> scriptable in Python". and I don't really understand what that means...
> maybe I haven't grasped the full potential of what python scripting
> could do for an fea program.
> can you tell me how to decide what path I should take - embed or extend
> ? or maybe some one could point me to some document/webpage that talks
> about this.
> thanks a lot,
> Julian.
> PS, my fea program uses its own script to read the analysis model
> information using the c++ iostream and our own parsing functions - but
> I don't have to stick to those function when I am writing the new code.

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