python GUIs comparison (want)

Paul Rubin http
Sun Nov 5 22:15:10 CET 2006

"Mudcat" <mnations at> writes:
> > No that would suck.  Best to try to stay as close as possible to the
> > native widgets on whatever the underlying platform is.  If you want
> > to depart from the native UI, then start from scratch and write a whole
> > new window system with a complete app suite etc.
> Ok. But other than thinking it would suck, you're basically repeating
> my point about starting from scratch with a whole new suite of widgets.

No.  In both cases I'm saying stick with a consistent set of widgets
and visual look across all applications.  Either use your OS's
existing widget set and make your apps look like the existing apps for
that OS, or else throw out all those apps and write a whole new set
whose look is new, but is consistent across all of them.  

> Sometimes you want a tool that blends in. Sometimes you want one that
> stands out, especially when you're competing against other tools where
> they all kind of look the same.

This is what I'm saying would suck.  Maybe the standing-out would get
more attention but it's a nuisance for users.

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