Need help with Subversion bindings

paul.keating at paul.keating at
Fri Nov 10 15:59:28 CET 2006

I'm trying to write a basic Subversion client because I need to
integrate Subversion with a product that keeps source code in a
database (so it has no notion of "working copy").

I have tried to translate the simple C examples in Garrett Rooney's
book into Python, but the very clever SWIG stuff has made the Python
access so different from the corresponding C that I can't do it.

Example: I can create an apr array but I have no idea how to insert
something into it. In C you use APR_ARRAY_PUSH. In Python that doesn't
exist. Another example: I can create an apr hash, but I can't work out
how to look inside it. In C it is a struct with members count and max
etc. In Python it is a class  that doesn't remotely resemble the

Has anyone got a bare-bones bit of working Python that shows how to do
(say) an add or a checkout? There is an example of status in the
Subversion book but it's a toy: it doesn't show how you create an
authentication callback so it will only work locally.

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