Creating db front end or middleware.

tobiah st at
Thu Nov 2 20:00:00 CET 2006

Let's say I want to write a new tool to do
something to, or report on people in a database.
Each tool is going to have to have all sorts of
routines that know about the relationship between
the data.  The first thought is to write a library
of routines that do things like, change_address(),
or fire_employee() or whatever.  

Whoops, now we've decided to move to python.  I
have to write all of that again.

So I thought, shouldn't there be a cloud that sits
in front of the database to which I can ask these
services of?  Some process that awaits requests for
information, or handles new incoming data.  Now new
apps written in any language should be able to use 
a basic protocol in order to get the work done.

The question then, is what the best way to do this is.
First I thought of using cherrypy to sit and listen to
POST requests, but this would make passing complex structures
extremely inconvenient.  Then I thought about WSDL.
Would this be the next logical step, or is this more for
allowing different companies to communicate with each other
when there needs to be a broadcast description of the interface?

If it is to be WSDL, what is a good place to get
concise information as to how to set this up?  It
would be written in python.



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