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James Stroud jstroud at
Sat Nov 4 10:42:30 CET 2006

RobJ wrote:
> Hi! My Name is Rob Johnson and I am a graduate student at The Richard
> Stockton College of NJ. To make a long story short, I'm working on my
> Masters project in the MAIT program (Masters of Arts in Instructional
> Technology). I have written a proposal to put together a free on-line
> Python web framework workshop. The workshop will be geared to help
> people new to Python web frameworks. I am asking for the community's
> assistance to help me get this project off the ground. As part of my
> project, I am conducting a survey for people who are interested in
> learning more about python web frameworks.  The survey is located at
> I have also started a
> blog about this experience in order to let people know what I'm doing
> ( If you have a few minutes, please take
> a couple of minutes to take the quick survey. The survey is anonymous
> and the information will be used for statistics for my project. Also,
> any constructive feedback or suggestions that you can give me would be
> gladly appreciated.  
> Thanks
> Rob J
Q9 should be "check all that apply" or otherwise qualified with "primarily".

Q10 is missing other types of broadband such as what one might find at 
school, and also have the option of multiple selections.

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