How to choose the right GUI toolkit ?

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> Nick and John S., thank you for the tip on wxPython!  I'll look into it
> for my next project.  I too would avoid Qt, not because of the GPL but
> simply because I don't use KDE under Linux and because Qt is not well
> supported under Cygwin or on native Windows.  I too like to learn from
> actual printed books, so I'll check this one out.  O'Reilly should do a
> book on Python GUI stuff!
> John H.: thanks for pointing out pythoncard.  This looks like it might
> be an excellent substitute for LabView-like GUIs, which all my
> coworkers like.  I personally refuse to read or write LabView code, on
> the grounds that its syntax causes severe brain damage and is
> completely unportable.  But that's a flame for another thread, so to
> speak...

You should also take a look at Dabo. Like PythonCard, it wraps
wxPython, but it completely does away with the whole getter/setter
approach, the ugly ALL_CAPS_CONSTANTS that wxPython unfortunately
inherited from its C++ roots, and all those other non-Pythonic
irritants. While Dabo is a complete 3-tier framework for developing
database apps, you can just use the GUI tier. I don't do database
stuff, and so I just use the dabo.ui module.

Their URL is


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