AVL Balancing

John Machin sjmachin at lexicon.net
Wed Nov 22 02:16:28 CET 2006

scba... at gmail.com wrote:
> Im working on an AVL tree

Is this homework?

> that consists of balancing the tree everytime
> you add an object.

That's a peculiar kind of AVL tree. Normally it is *not* necessary to
balance the tree every time a node is added -- it's done only if a
constraint is breached.

> Im not quite grasping the concept on how to do this
> with python.

Could you do it in any other language?

> I have seen a few topics on the web about this, and i
> clearly understand how when the balance of an AVL tree get to 2 or -2
> you have to do a R, L, LR, or a RL rotation. Could anyone possibly help
> me/point me in the right direction as far as checking the balance and
> actually balancing the tree? Thanks in advance

Perhaps if you could show us what you have done already -- I'd be
expecting a class to represent a node, and maybe another to represent
the root of the tree -- and give us an idea of your Python proficency
level (so that we can tailor the advice accordingly), we could help


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