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Xah Lee xah at xahlee.org
Wed Nov 1 11:35:08 CET 2006

No personal offense intended, but human animal's history is what? 3000
years at least in recorded history? And, all you can think of is what,
the view points of a fraction of your personal life span?

Have you looked into, the history of fashions, icons, their roles and
social significance, before you embarked and embraced on your above-it
attitude about why should or should not your pet language lisp have a

As per more detailed reasons on the meaning of logos, it's social
significance, its role in modern society, the defining characteristics
of logo design, and why LISP needs a logo, i'll post a reply to this
thread wthin a month.

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mark.hoemmen at gmail.com wrote:
> On Oct 28, 10:24 pm, "Xah Lee" <x... at xahlee.org> wrote:
> > I have brought this topic here here before... that i think LISP really
> > need to have a logo.
> No offense intended, but were you around in 1959 or so?  The way
> that time passes in the computer science world, having a logo for
> Lisp is like having a logo for the abacus ;)  Besides, who are _we_
> to go back and impose our modern ideas of what looks "slick" and
> pretty on the great thinkers of an earlier age?  Should we make a
> logo for the Pythagorean Theorem or for Newton's Three Laws?
> > Python, did not really have a logo. I made a plaint more than once in
> > different periods of times to comp.lang.python. Them tech geeking
> > morons and assholes, as expected, made irrelevant and incoherent cries.
> I personally have a lot of respect for Python hackers and I think
> you should too.  We Lispers should show our greatness by not
> stooping to such insults ;)
> mfh

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