sqlite query not working

Tim Chase python.list at tim.thechases.com
Tue Nov 7 22:34:09 CET 2006

>> Have you tried adding a self.connection.commit() to the
>> code? I don't know whether sqlite is transactional, but if
>> it is then the changes will disappear without a commit.
> Wow, that worked! Now, I know I've done some DB work before
> (very similar to this) and never used commit(), so I'm
> confused but still grateful! :)

I tinkered with the mx.ODBC drivers a bit and had a similar
difficulty until I realized that it was configured to *not*
autocommit.  At least in the mx.ODBC drivers, you can pass a
param ("clear_auto_commit=1") to the Connect() call to restore
"normal" autocommiting behavior.  I can see both sides of the
fence...it's just a hassle to sniff out which DB drivers
autocommit and which don't.


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