how to print pdf with python on a inkjet printer.

Thomas Heller theller at
Sun Nov 19 17:11:50 CET 2006

Gabriel Genellina schrieb:
> At Friday 17/11/2006 17:40, Tim Roberts wrote:
>> > double wow!  as it is my customer wants me to print to the default
>> > printer.
>> > can you please help me with the command for rendering the pdf to the
>> > printer with acrobat using python?
>>You'll have to use the registry to find "acrord32", but once you find
>>it, you just do:
>>     os.system( "\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Acrobat 7.0\\Reader\acrord32.exe
>>/p xxx.pdf" )
>>The /p switch requests printing.
> Or just let Windows do the dirty work of locating Adobe Reader, 
> figuring out the parameters and such:
> import win32api
> win32api.ShellExecute(0, "print", path/to/document.pdf, None, None, 0)
Note that in Pyhton2.5, os.startfile was extended to accept an optional
second parameter; so
  os.startfile(path/to/document.pdf, "print")
should also work.


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