python GUIs comparison (want)

John Henry john106henry at
Mon Nov 6 18:07:05 CET 2006

Yes, from a easy of use standpoint, I agree that PythonCard is very
high on the list.

Unfortunately there isn't more "activities" as one would like to see.

On the other hand, that's typical of open-source projects.  We can
always roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves.

At least the multicolumn control isn't particularly complex, should be
able to figure out from the source code how to sort.  I believe I did
that some time ago.   I believe I ended up reshuffling the list...

metaperl wrote:
> rdsteph at wrote:
> > Paul Boddie wrote:
> >
> > """The figures behind the scenes are quite enlightening for that
> > particular page. If you (or community experiences) don't agree with the
> >
> > rankings (wxPython apparently even easier to learn than PythonCard and
> > Tinder, a bunch of Gtk-based toolkits having more or less "full" Linux
> > scores) then you'll have some surprises, I'm sure. Nevertheless, it's
> > an interesting concept. """
> >
> > Well, I don't know what I was thinking, exactly, when I rated
> > PythonCard's ease of I went back and changed it to rate it a
> > lot higher. The ratings in this script were done a long time ago now
> I dropped Pythoncard when I could not sort multi column lists and when
> I posted to the email list and no one answered me.
> But prior to that it was great.

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