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Steve Holden steve at
Wed Nov 1 02:11:59 CET 2006

Klaas wrote:
> robert wrote:
>>Klaas wrote:
>>>It seems clear that the import lock does not include fully-executing
>>>the module contents.  To fix this, just import cookielib before the
>>What is the exact meaning of "not include fully-executing" - regarding the examples "import cookielib" ?
>>Do you really mean the import statement can return without having executed the cookielib module code fully?
>>(As said, a simple deadlock is not at all my problem)
> No, I mean that the import lock seems to not be held while the module
> contents are being executed (which would be why you are getting
> partially-initialized module in sys.modules).  Perhaps it _is_ held,
> but released at various points of the import process.  Someone more
> knowledgable of python internals will have to answer the question of
> what _should_ be occurring.
... and who better than Tim Peters?


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