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king kikapu aboudouvas at
Wed Nov 22 13:50:00 CET 2006

hmmm,,,ok, i see your point.
As i understand it, as a newcomer, it is a little cumbersome to right
the code in one ide,
"glue" the UI from another toll and all that stuff.

I know it works but if someone is coming from VS.Net, it seems a little
strange, at first.

I also saw that the wxWidgets is the more "feel natural" in all
platforms so i
believe that if an IDE is able to offer RAD capabilities and build upon
widget, it will be an awesome tool for Python programmers,
matches this way VS and other win RAD IDEs...

Thanks a lot for your post, i'll have a look at the programs you

King Kikapu

On Nov 22, 2:09 pm, Bruno Desthuilliers <o... at xiludom.gro> wrote:
> king kikapu wrote:
> > Hi to all,
> > i am not sure if this question really belongs here but anyway, here it
> > goes: I have seen a lot of IDEs for Python, a lot of good stuff but
> > actually none of them has what, for example, Visual Studio has: a
> > Visual Editor (with the  ability to place controls on forms etc etc),
> > or RAD
> > I know that there is Glade but does anybody knows of some product, or
> > an ongoing effort to this direction so i can have a look at ?
> > Coming from Windows and world, i think the only missing point
> > here is the integration of the Pyrthon with a RAD IDE...
> > Thanks a lot and i apologize if this isn't the correct place for this
> > question...If you use wxWidgets, you may want to have a look at projects like
> Boa-constructor or PythonCard. If you use QT/KDE, Eric3 offers good
> integration with QT Designer IIRC.
> Now as you can see, the problem with RAD tools is that they are specific
> to a given GUI toolkit. Python runs on a lot of platforms, and some of
> these platforms (ie Linux) are not tied to a specific GUI toolkit. So
> integrating the RAD tool in the IDE means you can't use this IDE with
> other GUI toolkits.
> Also, there's a tradition in the *n*x world about preferring small,
> highly specialized tools over huge monolithic do-it-all applications. As
> an example, I daily use half a dozen languages, and I wouldn't like to
> have to learn half a dozen IDEs. I'm much more productive with a good
> code editor, the command line, and a few external tools when needed.
> My 2 cents...
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