Accessing file metadata on windows XP

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Tue Nov 28 12:00:47 CET 2006

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| When rightclicking a, for example, pdf file on windows, one normally
| gets a screen with three or four tags.  Clicking on one of the summary
| tag one can get some info like "title", "Author", "category", 
| "keyword"
| etc..

This (Delphi) article is about the most informative
I managed to dig up:

In short, you need to use the StgOpenStorageEx function
which the (pywin32) pythoncom module exposes. There are
quite a few caveats and you'll have to dig around for
flag/constants etc. but it should be quite do-able.

(Still don't have the time to try it myself, tho')

Happy Hunting!

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