How do I stop Python IDLE (GUI) from immediately exiting when I enter it?

John (Z R) L lowz06 at
Sun Nov 19 08:24:08 CET 2006

Hi all, I am very new to programming, and I chose to study the Python
language before C++. I am currently using the Wikibooks
"Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python", and am up to the section "Who
goes there"?

But after clicking "run module" for
a = 1
print a
a = a + 1
print a
a = a * 2
print a "

The results "1, 2, 4" didn't appear on the GUI screen, in fact nothing
did. And I clicked twice again, this time, it exited the Python GUI
program. I tried to enter back in, but it would quickly display


before exiting immediately within half a second. How do I stop the this
exiting from occurring.

Another problem I have is firewall. On my old computer (Windows 98)
when using Python GUI, it can't run modules because of some firewall.
But I thought firewalls were for internet sites only?! How do I fix

Thank you in advance, and I apologize for my ignorance.

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