Python app links in windows

Bryce Bolton Bryce.Bolton at
Mon Nov 13 22:47:45 CET 2006

I want to click a link, which is assocated with a Python application in
Windows, and have the contents of the link file passed to my program.  How
is this done?

Let's say the link name is:  open_database_viewform_50324.pal     (pal =
python application link)

Inside of open_document_number_50324.pal is the following:

"database_entry" "50324"

So, if I have created a python application and compiled it into EXE, then
associated that viewer app, in windows, with the .PAL extension, it will be
called when I click any .PAL "link file".  

My question is:  How do the contents of the link file get passed to the
python application assocated with .PAL files?  Are the file contents passed
as an ARGV array?  There must be more to this because when I open a file
like some_doc.XLS, the entire contents of that file get passed to Excel, but
I don't know how.


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