please help me choose a proper gui library.

Phil Thompson phil at
Sat Nov 18 19:07:33 CET 2006

On Saturday 18 November 2006 5:44 pm, krishnakant Mane wrote:
> hello all.
> after finishing a project in record time using python we have taken up
> one more project.
> this time however, we need to do a gui based project  which will run
> on windows xp and 2000.
> now My question is which gui toolkit should I choose?
> I had initially raised some doubt about accessibility (which is very
> important for me ), and with the answers and all the pointers given, I
> know that wxpython is quite out of question.
> now my next choice is PyQT.
> can some one give me information on the following points?
> 1.  do I first need to install the pure c++ based QT library both on
> the developer machine and the client's user machine?

You have to install Qt first. You only need to install the run-time elements 
(ie. the DLLs) on the client's machine. Unless your application is licensed 
under the GPL (and you are using the GPL version of Qt and PyQt) then there 
are components of Qt that you must not install on the client's machine.

> 2.  I need an executable binary installer for windows xp.  is it
> available for python24?  I searched but found one for python25.  else
> kindly guide me what should I do to install the source.  I read the
> documentation but did not get the clear idea whether I must have qt
> installed first or not.  if yes are there binary installers of PYQT
> which can also install qt?

The only binary installer provided is for the GPL version of PyQt. Qt has 
separate installers. It's easy enough to use something like NSIS to create 
your own installer for your application that includes everything that it 

> 3. if I need to upgrate to python25, should it be considered safe?

PyQt fully supports Python 2.5.

> 4.  I don't want to use the qt IDE and this point is nothing to do
> with qt, I need a good windows based python editor.

Google for the different ones and try them out.

> 5.  if I am supposed to also distrubute qt with PYQT, how do I plan
> the deployment of my ready software?

In addition to your application you need to distribute the Qt DLLs (and 
plugins if you use them), the corresponding PyQt .pyd files and sip.pyd. If 
you are using the GPL version of Qt then you may also need to consider the 
MinGW DLLs. Finally you need to consider if you need to distribute Python 

You might like to look at tools like PyInstaller for creating single 


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